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File 132663945297.jpg - (181.05KB , 1100x1203 , 75faa285a9a868ee6694a7c3fe6792d916aa6563.jpg )
345757 No. 345757
Since the last thread is three posts away from autosage and nearly fallen off the board, time for a new creepy thread.

One of the sites that's been created to pick up where creepypasta.com left off, Creepypasta Index continues the tradition of cataloging creepypasta in a tidy fashion.
Some old favorites, as well as gems I haven't seen before, like this one.
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>> No. 359061

Isn't it harder on the teeth when you breath through the mouth, and mouthbreathers have a statistically higher chance of becoming sick because those nose releases bacteria-killing chemicals?
>> No. 359082
I don't know about that, but abdominal breathing through the mouth is the best way to take in oxygen quickly.
>> No. 360310
Entry #60youtube thumb
>> No. 360466
So...when is something going to actually HAPPEN?
>> No. 360542
There was a picture posted in the last Spooky thread, pretty sure. It was of Slenderman's family, I guess. It was Slenderman, a Slenderlady, a little Slendergirl, and a Slenderdog whose face was just a mass of tentacles.

I can't seem to find it again, so does anyone still have it saved?
>> No. 360543
File 134134061224.png - (139.32KB , 1273x1947 , slenderdog_by_sulphurspoon-d392hcd.png )
Oh yeah, and I'm pretty sure it was by the same artist as this, but I didn't see it in her gallery, so.
>> No. 360797
File 134156152748.jpg - (848.06KB , 800x3402 , 130521418081.jpg )
Remember that SCP game, where you're going down the staircase, and the whole thing was absurdly unnerving in it's simplicity?

Someone did that with a Slenderman-based scenario.
Cry Plays: Slenderyoutube thumb

And speaking of SCP, the same folks behind the game version of SCP-087-b have made a new game.
Cry Plays: SCP Containment Breach [Alpha]youtube thumb
Doesn't strike me as being quite as creepy as the staircase scenario, but trying to evade a giant concrete baby-doll that acts like a Weeping Angel still sounds plenty unsettling. Especially since it's not alone.
>> No. 360808
Is it weird that I'm fascinated by the supernatural, but I staunchly don't believe in it?

So many things have been traced back to Something Awful or creepypasta that I read everything with a grain of salt now. And I can't honestly say I've had any experiences that could be chalked up to something unexplainable. Which makes me a little sad, honestly.
>> No. 360856
File 134164521567.jpg - (56.56KB , 610x269 , ringg.jpg )
I wish. If I'd ever find something/one/place paranormal I'd call the news, scientists etc. and I'd receive a finders-fee!

What is it that makes Asian horror more creepy than other cultures?
And why am I scared of girls with long black hair covering their faces? Surely there must be an explanation.
>> No. 360936
It might be because it's more psychological and less jump scares. I'm not usually scared by video games (although weirdly enough, sometimes I get spooked hours later when the "Tetris Effect" kicks in), but there's one student game I want to play that has a woman trying to find her infant, who's been kidnapped by monsters. That pulls me much more than "oh no, zombies attacked, but luckily, you're an ex-military badass with access to a lot of guns".

I feel sorry for girls with long black hair as a result of Asian horror, though. Apparently girls in Japan who look like Sadako get bullied a lot.
>> No. 360944
The only game to do jump scares right was Doom 3. Where the scares are with such good pacing that you're always on edge, and are caught off-guard when they do happen in such unexpected areas.
>> No. 360952
Why don't they like, cut their hair?
>> No. 361005

Maybe the long bangs are a defensive thing for shy girls, like Fluttershy's hair from My Little Pony.
>> No. 361136
File 134187796647.gif - (7.37KB , 350x300 , slowpokeandsadness.gif )
>that feel when you have an idea for an SCP that you're fairly certain hasn't been done
>but it isn't really scary and you're pretty sure you don't have the writing skills to make it seem not-dumb
>> No. 361384
So this one time there was a guy on his way home in the middle of the night when he saw a little girl hitchhiking. She was drenched in mud and water even though it hadn't been raining. Since he wasn't superstitious or anything, he decided to give her a lift. He was still a bit uncomfortable so the two didn't speak a word, but he kept checking on her through the rear mirror. Suddenly he looked back and the girl was gone. So he freaked out and immediately stopped the car. When he turned around the girl was there again, this time with blood covering her face, murmuring some incomprehensible words. Now he was really scared shitless. He got out of the car, went to the back, popped the trunk, pulled out his shotgun, opened the back door, and said "What the hell do you want from me!"

The girl replied:
"Oh that's just fucking fantastic! First I slip and fall into a pond, then I lose my contact lenses while you pressed the brake so hard I bumped my head that I'm bleeding all over my face, and now you're pointing a shotgun at me!".
>> No. 361398
File 134202541398.jpg - (74.08KB , 406x207 , 1341803407462.jpg )
>> No. 361430
File 134206420131.gif - (811.93KB , 218x122 , 1305984091843.gif )
>His Face All Red
>The Prince & the Sea

>> No. 361431
Yeah, stories where you have to piece every little thing together yourself really scare the crap out of me too.
>> No. 361454
I was at a stop-light when this guy cleaned my windshield.
He reached in to ask me for some coins and I gave him some.
When the light was green I realized the window was still up.
>> No. 361730
So, there are various villages in the Himalayas where the local cordyceps fungus is especially common. It's sold on the black market as an aphrodisiac. More of an interesting and somewhat depressing look into a highly specialized economy than anything. But it still seems like the premise to a zombie movie to me. An especially weird one.
>> No. 361760
So far I've been spook-free. Where are you're balls plus4?
>> No. 361775
>His Face All Red

I've re-read this twice now. I still don't get it.
>> No. 361792
C'mon, it's like you guys aren't even trying.

THAT GUY tells a crappy, not-so-spooky story.

Once upon a time there was this guy that got lost in the woods. After several hours he found an abandoned cabin. Completely tired he decided to spend the night there. Inside he found that there were several portraits hanging around, I mean really creepy portraits. A thin, pale old man, an old, woman, and a creepy looking child. For some reason they seemed to follow him around, not just the eyes, but seemingly turning their heads, staring at him.
It did creep him out a bit, but he though it was just his fatigue, so he decided to fall asleep anyway.
The next morning he discovered to his surprise that there were no portraits, only windows. When he exited the cabin, he discovered three gravestones.
>> No. 361882
File 134255584868.jpg - (135.12KB , 500x707 , Sunken_City_by_super_sheep.jpg )
Was feeling nostalgic for my youth in New Jersey, and decided to look up some of the local news. Turns out someone recently reeled-in a foot from one of the reservoirs I fished at when I was younger.


After I'd moved to Maine, my grandfather had told me some of the history of the place. At one point Round Valley had been a small town, one of many which have been flooded over the years to create reservoirs. Round Valley has gained a dark tone to its character over the years, as people have vanished there, never to be found. The official records stand at six, but others will insist that number is in the dozens.

Nothing supernatural about it though. Wind conditions on the lake are treacherous. Takes nothing for a strong wind to whip across the surface and toss an unwary fisherman from his boat, where currents would suck him down.

There's also the fact that the entire town remains standing deep beneath the water. My grandfather had spoken to a man who'd gone down in a two-man sub, one of the first such explorations into the lake, prompted by the various deaths and disappearances. Seems the entire town remains standing. Trees, power and phone lines, roads, houses, even a small, local cemetery: all of them remain preserved deep under the water. Supposedly the man even spotted a deserted tricycle sitting in a driveway. All those power lines, telephone poles, and trees mean there's plenty of things for a victim of the lake's winds to get snagged on and never surface.

My grandfather also asked the man if he'd seen any large fish while he was down there, since the reservoir is a popular fishing spot. The man's tantalizingly ambiguous reply was 'you don't want to know what's down there.' Even if you strip away as much as possible of the fantastical speculation the mind leaps to at such a remark, the notion of record-breaking fish fatted on the remains of the dead in a sunken town... it's still a pretty colorful image.
>> No. 361998

Not scary, just slightly creepy and well done.
>> No. 362760
EMH finally updated, with probably the best Slendy-vid to hit the internet.
The propertyyoutube thumb
I just
>> No. 362761
How can we make a spooky documentary style movie?
I know! Let's hire the epileptic-shaky-hand-cam-man!

Geez, my cheap camcorder movies got better quality. It's like the camera guy gets a full seizure.
>> No. 362764
Shit, I am so far behind in EMH. I gave up on Marble Hornets when it turned out both "protagonists" are unlikable cuntbags, but EMH I just fell behind on because of school and stuff. Which video was it that we found out Evan's, like... "infected"? Because that's where I stopped and I dont think my sanity could handle watching the whole mess again.
>> No. 362765
The documentary wouldn't exactly be realistic if it was shot in HD, like a movie. And you try holding a camcorder while you're scared shitless, and running your ass off.
>> No. 362787
The one with the irradiated blood?
>> No. 362812
> try holding a camcorder while you're scared shitless
If I'm scared shitless I wouldn't be filming at all, I'd be running.
>> No. 364827
File 13458050228.jpg - (33.03KB , 485x366 , tumblr_l6sf34tkKs1qci043o1_500.jpg )
Antiviral Official Movie Trailer [HD]youtube thumb

>> No. 364831
Still not getting spooked here. I wasn't even spooked by Slender. Try harder fool.
>> No. 364832
>I wasn't even spooked by Slender

That's because it's fucking stupid and not scary.
>> No. 364835
For once I agree
>> No. 364873
i don't find slendy that spooky either. i'm pretty sure it's the suit, it just looks goofy to me. take off the suit and i'd probably be poopin bricks.
>> No. 364881
Well yeah, a naked guy rushing at you in the middle of nowhere is definitely scarier than some guy in a business suit.
>> No. 364891
Especially if it ends in butt raep.
>> No. 364938
I don't find Slenderman creepy, because all he does is wear a suit and stare at you, but I find the G-Man from Half-Life pretty unnerving, more than most horror games, and he does the exact same thing.

I think the difference is that Slendy doesn't have the glowy green eyes or abnormal speech patterns, and has an origin from either Something Awful or 4chan, which is a cesspool of trollbait.
>> No. 364941
There's also the fact that G-Man's power is known to the player. If you defied him in the first game, you died. That was it.

If you won? Congrats, that's exactly how he wanted it to go. You've proved your worth to him, now have fun being stuck in some box for a couple years. If you lost? You were a disappointment, nothing more.

Everyone defies Slenderman. You can get away with fighting against him for a LONG time too. If you fight G-Man? You're going to die, and he's going to make your daughter be the one to tell you that it's your fault.

Plus G-Man has much more mystery around him. His fingers are in so many pies you probably couldn't comprehend it. Slenderman just terrorizes young adults and maybe kills them. Nothing much past that.
>> No. 364943
>Everyone defies Slenderman. You can get away with fighting against him for a LONG time too.
Only if he wants you to. Slenderman is a tiger, and humans are less than mice.
>> No. 364954

>has an origin from either Something Awful or 4chan

Something Awful. He was created during a creepy picture themed Photoshop thread.

(Unrelated, but I've seen retards on Youtube claim that they saw Slendy at the playground when they were like 5 or something. *Facepalm* Serves me right for reading the comments there.)
>> No. 364997
Another thing that makes G-Man scarier is that he has some kind of motivation. If two people tried to kill me, and one had a personal vendetta and the other was just a stranger who had something wrong with them mentally, the person with the vendetta would haunt me more.

Ahhh, okay. I wouldn't be surprised if people saw someone resembling him, it's not uncommon to be tall, skinny, pale, and wear a suit, but no, it's impossible to see Slendy irl.
>> No. 365619
I've always liked this pasta. Came across it again tonight.

Before I begin to relay the details of this ritual, I should probably explain that you need to be in a certain state of mind for it to work. I'm sure a lot of you out there will know what I mean, even though I am not the best person to be explaining human emotions. It's a kind of churning, constant emptiness. A feeling that although you have no desire to die, life simply "takes too long" and you would rather another option. It is very important that you feel this way, when undertaking the ritual. Because 'another option' is exactly what we'll give you.

The details are as follows. I have tried to make it as simple as possible, and to cut down on the cryptic rubbish that my contemporaries often include in these things, but you need to appreciate how hard that is. We don't live by constants, as you do. We live by symbolism and meaning. Bread does not sustain us, but the idea of bread makes a very good meal indeed. Still, enough talk. Even if you did want to hear about me, I wouldn't be able to explain it.

Apologies for this also, but if you're not a resident of the "United Kingdom", you have a little travelling to do. The new world doesn't interest us as much as the old ones, and this isn't going to be as convenient as finding any old hospital or half-way house. You will travel to Suffolk, England, and find a public house called "The Queen's Head" on the crossroads of four villages: Southwold, Aldeburgh, Dunwich and Walberswick. They've all been well-noted by history, though not necessarily in the History books. Anyhow, once there, visit the place during the hours of 11pm to 1am, and take a good look around the pub itself, without going inside. The crossroads is a simple one, four towns lie in four different directions, though new roads may not reflect that accurately. Take a compass with you. Take 10 steps toward each town, then ten steps back to your original location. Once you have done this for all four, proclaim: "I have seen this crossroads too many times".

Once said, step into the pub. It should look much as it did in my time, which may well be a shock to you. Don't worry. You can turn around and leave right at that moment, if you so wish. Go back to your 'life' and read these stories from the safety of a computer screen. If you do decide, however, to continue this course of action, then go to the bar, and ask for "a glass of the house Malefic". The barman will give you a glass of red wine, and accept no payment. Now, drink it, and you are exactly halfway to where you want to be. Good.

Once it's gone, he will tell you that you've had enough, and ask you to leave. Do as he says, for though he is a good friend of mine, he is a spiteful man with an old crow for a wife, and he delights in an excuse for a fight. When you leave, you will find a large black horse outside. Mount it. It's yours. A little gift from me to you, in gratitude for the tasks you've performed so far. The wine will have warmed you a little, I hope, for you have a long ride.

It doesn't matter in which direction you travel. It never did. The roads will be old, now, impossibly so, perhaps, and a dense fog will cover the tracks. Plough ahead, and do not deviate from the road. He may send a guard to veer from the mists to try to stop you, but keep moving. He may even send a loved one to plead that you slow down. This is a trick. It is me that he wants to stop. We have never seen eye to eye.

The mists will pass, and you will see an end to the road ahead. A gorge of impossible depth. Don't stare into it. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't gaze back, but it may hold you from your task. And neither of us want that, do we. To continue, you need only do one thing. Ride the horse from the cliffside, and plummet into the gorge. I never said this would be easy, did I? Don't worry. It's an exhilarating rush. For the most part. I shan't talk of the next few minutes of your trial. It would be improper, after all.

Many don't make it this far. They suddenly decide they have too much to live for. What a joke. As though cowardice and misery were badges of honour. However, those that do have the courage for this (and I commend you, I truly do) will have but one final task ahead of them. The hardest of all. He will appear to you. I've seen him before, more times than I would care to mention, and I know that this next part will be no easy task. You must deny him. He will show you your loved ones, those that have passed from life, and he will promise you a life with them. You must deny him. He will offer you bliss, and release from pain. You must deny him. Finally, he will offer his friendship, and his regard. Deny him. His words are false, and you will find no succour with him.

Finally, he will leave. Good. And we will be alone. Now for your gift? The reward for your efforts? No problem to a being like me. I will touch you upon the forehead. Once. And you will awake in the bed you find most comfortable. From this point on, you will be possessed of an irresistible charisma, and disease will never trouble you. No wound will harm you, and no argument will sway you. You'll be one of my children, and you will recognise others I have dealt with by the black fingerprint on their forehead.

The only catch? There isn't one. I'm not like him. I don't deal in punishments. I reward my children. -
>> No. 367810
File 134911007490.jpg - (149.22KB , 485x600 , 6908A.jpg )
Powerglove - This Is Halloween…youtube thumb
That time of year again, and I'm especially psyched; I'll be working in a haunted house attraction, menacing people with a cleaver. Scaring the piss out of people for a living. For one month, I'll get to live the dream.

On the other hand, all the local stores' Halloween offerings this year were rather underwhelming. A few "oh, that's neat"s and "hey, that's cool"s, but nothing that reached out and demanded to be brought home.

Though after acquiring these guys (ranging from '07-'09), anything new has some stiff competition.
The Magnificent Maggot from Ta…youtube thumb
Creepy Jack in the Boxyoutube thumb
targetwitchyoutube thumb

Especially from the witch.
>> No. 368112
Looks like there's a No Through Road 3 and 4.
No Through Road 3youtube thumb
No Through Road 4youtube thumb

NTR 4 introduces an actual plot, which kinda kills the creepy for me.
>> No. 369449
File 13514691233.jpg - (19.67KB , 294x291 , 1351413449955.jpg )
hey how's it goin
>> No. 369515
Always gave me the chills
Ratchet and Clank 3 VGM: plane…youtube thumb
>> No. 369516

>> No. 383168
File 137681344932.jpg - (12.08KB , 364x288 , 1294452864154.jpg )
Uh-oh. Looks like this thread was bumped by a SPOOKY GHOST. :o
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