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File 130438648784.jpg - (197.85KB , 950x633 , Megan-Washington-094.jpg )
317320 No. 317320
Post a song that's stuck in your head right now....or several!

Beautiful Trash (feat. Megan W…youtube thumb
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>> No. 380969
Grand theft auto: Vice city - Wave 103 *HQ*youtube thumb
>> No. 381321
nightmares on wax play on 1999youtube thumb
DJ Food - Turtle soupyoutube thumb
Prefuse 73 - Class Of 73 Bells…youtube thumb
Cut Chemist - The Gardenyoutube thumb
>> No. 381345
GTA: Vice City radio - Fever 105 *HQ*youtube thumb
Emotion 98.3 GTA: Vice City radio full HQyoutube thumb
Tibetan Monks Chanting - FULL -1-HOUR-HQyoutube thumb
>> No. 381383
little big planet song (uncle…youtube thumb
Littlebigplanet Soundtrack: Battlesyoutube thumb
[KeyGen Music] Lafarge - 2 Pi Radixyoutube thumb
>> No. 381403
File 137368917752.png - (186.79KB , 347x338 , rf Roman legionaire holy shit.png )
Ebony ark when he city is quietyoutube thumb
>> No. 381413
TASTE YOU LIKE YOGURT- Whatchy…youtube thumb

Why is nobody talking about this.
>> No. 382116
File 137461294944.gif - (600.10KB , 350x199 , 1370649884111.gif )
Deichkind - Ich betäube mich …youtube thumb
m-flo loves Akiko Wada / HEY!youtube thumb
Ollie King OST - Brother Goes …youtube thumb
Gorillaz: 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)youtube thumb
>> No. 382141
File 137465947641.jpg - (11.61KB , 320x240 , 1030290-bud_bundy.jpg )
The weirdest fucking thing about it is that he's actually not bad.
>> No. 382300
Ayahuasca icaro - Cantemos con alegriayoutube thumb

oh my glorious god
>> No. 383037
File 137641860198.gif - (294.07KB , 272x270 , 1370650711161.gif )
Goldfish - Humbug (Feat. Sakhile Moleshe)youtube thumb
Phil Fuldner - the final - Off…youtube thumb
Savant - The Beatyoutube thumb
Ajapai: A Suite [HD:AO]youtube thumb
>> No. 383038



One of these things is not like the other...
...in face, none of them are actually alike.
>> No. 383263
File 137701069271.gif - (2.14MB , 247x319 , 1369470339988.gif )
I'm running out of dancing anime girl gifs. So the music will be appropiately somber, to mourn the fact.
Abdominal and The Obliques - "Broken"youtube thumb
Beck - End of the Dayyoutube thumb
Eels - Ant Farmyoutube thumb
Jim Croce - Tomorrow's Gonna B…youtube thumb
>> No. 383924
New NIN album today!
Nine Inch Nails - Copy of A - New Singleyoutube thumb
Nine Inch Nails - Everything […youtube thumb
Nine Inch Nails - Came Back Haunted (Audio)youtube thumb
>> No. 384602
Bitter Belief - Big Man (Produ…youtube thumb
The Funkoars - Larry Emduryoutube thumb
Trials, Briggs & K21 - Mac…youtube thumb

Ausbros know flow.
>> No. 385064
I was feeling depressed and dicked around on the internet, as one is wont to do when feeling shitty. I check on Youtube and look at all those anime and videogame videos that are being recommended to me. But, in the right-most bottom corner of these recommended videos, subtly sits a video with several million views, not at all related to anything I've been browsing for these weeks. And now I have it on loop the entire day. While I clean my room, paint some studies and do some paperwork and be as productive as I haven't been in years.
The video? http://youtube.com/watch?v=HgzGwKwLmgM
>> No. 385429
File 138153313455.jpg - (43.58KB , 739x441 , tumblr_muf8bgBke91r4p6t9o1_1280.jpg )
Bad Night season finale song f…youtube thumb
>> No. 385567
Ghost - Ghuleh / Zombie Queenyoutube thumb
>> No. 385571
File 138185864878.png - (108.62KB , 282x412 , Main-karen.png )
Union Jack Edition
DJ Fresh - Gold Dust (Official Video)youtube thumb
Basement Jaxx - Romeo ( Offici…youtube thumb
Asian Dub Foundation - Real Great Britainyoutube thumb
Dizzee Rascal - Bassline Junkie (Explicit)youtube thumb
>> No. 385714
"GOTTA CATCH EM ALL" Pokemon T…youtube thumb

Tay I knew I loved you for a reason
>> No. 385878
The Ting Tings - That's Not My Nameyoutube thumb
Damn it, Ferrous.
>> No. 385880
That's Not My Name (☆Taku Ta…youtube thumb
I prefer the remix.
>> No. 386540
File 138488931239.jpg - (218.08KB , 640x720 , 1377212549602.jpg )
Josip On Deck & Killa Kari…youtube thumb
>> No. 386541
My favorite Josip is this one:
Josip On Deck - Mai Waifuyoutube thumb
>> No. 386549
LICH KING - Agnosticismyoutube thumb
The Cruxshadows - Deceptionyoutube thumb
The Commissar DECEPTION (Cruxshadows)youtube thumb
Vampire the Masquerade - Paral…youtube thumb
Alice Cooper - Last Man On Ear…youtube thumb
>> No. 386716
Dethalbum-Bloodrocutedyoutube thumb
Dethklok-The Cyborg Slayers (D…youtube thumb
FINNTROLL - Under Bergets Rot …youtube thumb
FINNTROLL - Solsagan (OFFICIAL VIDEO)youtube thumb
TURISAS - Rasputin (OFFICIAL VIDEO)youtube thumb
ARKONA - Yarilo (Official)youtube thumb
ARKONA - Pokrovi Nebesnogo Startsayoutube thumb
>> No. 386989
Sister Irene O'Connor - Fireyoutube thumb

tiki you like nuns dontcha
>> No. 387012
>> No. 387017
>> No. 387190
File 138689801643.jpg - (56.08KB , 500x278 , 4433819660_b3e24a7b66.jpg )
I Sure do!
>> No. 387561
every night is tunesnight
if u don't like tool im calling u a whore, but a whore is a good thing to be so don't worry

Tool - Lateralus(FULL ALBUM, HD AND HQ)youtube thumb

this video is classic, this video is gold
Tool- Ænimayoutube thumb
>> No. 387662
Tool - Schismyoutube thumb

This is my favorite Tool song.
>> No. 387679
Tool - Parabolayoutube thumb
>> No. 387684
File 138789787390.gif - (74.08KB , 420x543 , tumblr_mxj5ueKpAD1qhsrn7o1_500.gif )
MC Shan - Jane, Stop This Crazy Thingyoutube thumb

>> No. 388077

French Montana & Waka Floc…youtube thumb
>> No. 388189
File 138908829398.gif - (1.00MB , 320x180 , 1385310850365.gif )
KLP - "Decide"youtube thumb
>> No. 388223
thank you for this. :)

better late than never, but sage because not tuesday

Imagine Dragons - Who We Are […youtube thumb
>> No. 388763
Princess Jellyfish Ending Them…youtube thumb

one of the catchiest and nicest messages I've ever heard in a song.
>> No. 389421
I should have visited this thread sooner. I'm a fool. A FOOL!
>> No. 389966
Meine Meinung is a Japanese group. They do live broadcasts sometimes on their youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/moonbowmusicmovie
Also, they do covers
>> No. 390000
Trentemöller - Moanyoutube thumb
>> No. 390200
File 139403342377.jpg - (32.46KB , 500x525 , 1370781565713.jpg )
This place is gonna need captcha, too, isn't it?
Well, while the thread is bumped.
>> No. 390202
Hopefully not yet; the spam, while annoying, is fairly slow. Another active mod or two might improve how quickly they're removed, but we're not being overwhelmed with spam attempts like 4chan was (which is why they went capthca.)
>> No. 390439
File 139488573853.jpg - (8.90KB , 225x224 , richard hell.jpg )
If I had any musical skill I'd create the hit remix series Richard Hell and the Vocaloids.

Richard Hell and the Voidoids:…youtube thumb
>> No. 390448
2nd South Carolina String Band - Oh! Lud Galsyoutube thumb

I don't care their origins, this CD is really catchy driving on long roads in Tennessee.
>> No. 390901
Marteria - Kids (2 Finger an d…youtube thumb
Almost would have missed the song of our generation (at least in Germany) if I hadn't randomly caught a chart show while I was visiting my parents. The message of the song basically translates to: Everyone's getting a job and starting a family, dismissing the things that still define my lifestyle. While I get left behind, refusing to become boring. But in the end I'm all alone and the world will continue to turn without me.
>> No. 390935
>> No. 391010
File 139658882796.png - (295.56KB , 637x349 , torch of freedom skies the limit.png )
Are you ready to be AMURIC'N for five whole minutes?
>> No. 391162
I've discovered The Aquabats.

The Aquabats - Pizza Dayyoutube thumb
>> No. 391164
Perhaps you'd be interested in some Pain then?

>> No. 391801
File 140400170932.jpg - (333.72KB , 600x469 , cartoonnetwork.jpg )
Going to show cartoons until late. Anyone is welcome to join and queue stuff up. You don't have to register to use the chatbox, just use the Guest Login instead. 8 PM EST to dawn

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