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110708 No. 110708
Probably not the finalised date, but if it is then yay we're already half way there. ^^
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>> No. 111048
File 135961626137.jpg - (22.47KB , 500x182 , smackdown_hotel.jpg )
>> No. 111049
i know it's frustrating but i wish people wouldn't be so snippy towards nick.

also that tweet does not sound good.
>> No. 111050
File 135961857546.jpg - (42.08KB , 845x478 , 1359524611626.jpg )
This is you. This is what your posts sound like.

Adventure Time - Nope!youtube thumb
>> No. 111051
There was a baby named "Hope". I'm sure "Opal" is just named after the jewel. The show is still a pan-Asian fantasy world.
>> No. 111052
that was a joke, i seriously doubt anyone still thinks there are white people hiding somewhere except for the 12 year olds.
>> No. 111053
Are you new to this fandom?
Did you see the dream casting post on the Korra Nation Tumblr that had nothing but white actors? Or the comments that still had people not seeing the problem with that?
>> No. 111054
File 135968300964.jpg - (144.13KB , 800x518 , tumblr_mhioleoqbz1rptk5lo1_1280.jpg )
Nick's plan for season 3 & 4 writers?
>> No. 111055
Season 3 is already written and being recorded as of two months ago. Animation, as you may guess, will not occur until we actually have 2 as a finished product and then take while.

I would suggest Weisman for Season 4 since his curse won't affect the ending as LoK is for only 4 seasons.
>> No. 111056
no? but seriously, only morons and kids think there are white people in avatar.
>> No. 111057
Which makes it that much more disappointing when that stuff turns up over and over again.
>> No. 111060
Animation-wise LOK is superior. Story-wise ATLA was superior.
>> No. 111067
File 135985787458.png - (28.95KB , 516x136 , tumblr_mhkstkEGqj1r892d5o1_1280.png )
>> No. 111176
File 136086787815.jpg - (221.98KB , 764x430 , tumblr_mi823l9g3f1rptk5lo2_1280.jpg )
>> No. 111177
File 136086824642.jpg - (224.83KB , 764x430 , tumblr_mi823l9g3f1rptk5lo3_1280.jpg )
>> No. 111181
The sooner we leave Air Temple Island the better.
>> No. 111182
Bitching about two tiny generic pics, must be a record.
>> No. 111191
Bitching about the continuing reliance on Bolin and Meelo for comedy when it's entirely evident they're not load-bearing structures.
>> No. 111192
Hey. Losing Meelo would be no big loss, but Bolin is easily in the top three best characters in the show. I'm not sure of his ranking within that top three, but he's definitely there.
>> No. 111193
File 136098729620.jpg - (1.14MB , 1280x960 , tumblr_miaobiKz0W1rptk5lo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 111194
>color correction

Oh God, I don't even wanna know what tumblr is doing with that phrasing.
>> No. 111195
I hope that anyone who objects to it gets hounded by Tumblr's assembled animators for being an idiot.
>> No. 111196
>an idiot

Just say idiots. Even without diving into that place you know there's going to be loads of them.
Even the animators should know it's a lost cause to bring sense to those people, unless input from them has caused said idiots to apologize and take back their statements.
>> No. 111197
>More pro-bending
>more shipping
>Korra misusing her powers even more now that she's been handed the Avatar State on a silver platter

>> No. 111198
>forgetting the avatar state is supposed to come naturally to an avatar
>still using the "korra got everything handed to her on a silver platter" argument nearly 8 months after the season ended
>> No. 111199
When referring to collective nouns, like "anyone," you use the singular tense. "Anyone who does (X) is an idiot," rather than "Anyone who does (X) are idiots," for example.
>> No. 111200
>> No. 111201
The Avatar state isn't the point of contention: do you know what is?
Airbending and spiritbending being awarded out of absolutely no effort whatsoever.
>> No. 111202
You can't really complain about Spiritbending, Aang learned it through a mind-meld with a giant turtle, for god's sake! And as for Airbending, Korra knew all of the physical moves and spiritual philosophy behind it, she'd just never been able to summon the ability before, so is it really so hard to believe that she could have broken through her mental block in a moment of intense stress and emotion?
>> No. 111203
Maybe if the "physical move" she used to airbend had resembled airbending in any way instead of some insane "tornado fist" shit out of a Street Fighter game.
>> No. 111204
Dude, she was under a lot of stress and had to hit Amon right away, I think we can cut her some slack for not stopping to remember to do move that she's never used outside of training.
>> No. 111205
But that's kind of the issue. If you'll allow me to play devil's advocate her for a moment. According to their own mythology, the bending itself is dependent on the form. If it wasn't, then what was the purpose of attaching specific martial arts to the different styles of bending.

This kinda goes back to complaints of the way Mako lightning bent whilst being bloodbended by Amon. According to what we've been previously taught of lightning bending, that shouldn't have been possible and it does take a bit away from the world when established rules can just be thrown out the window for the sake of plot.

It would be like if Harry suddenly found out he could just yell any random word to cast specific spells. It would go against the established rules for that worlds magic. Granted, the rules for bending tend to get a bit nebulous at times, but there are still rules.

All in all, I can forgive how Korra airbent much more than what Mako did, but then again, bending consequences seems to be Mako's real ability anyway so...
>> No. 111206
Bending has only ever been shown to be attached to movement in general, not specific styles of movement, if that were true then Toph's Earthbending wouldn't work (or more accurately, since Toph learned her Earthbending straight from the Badgermoles, everyone else's Earthbending wouldn't work). Now when it comes to the Avatar, the lines between elemental disciplines are inevitably going to get blurred, so I can forgive Korra using a Firebending move to Airbend. As for Mako's liberal use of Ligtningbending, that is less plausible; but given the technique for Lightning has no doubt been developed and simplified in the in-universe years since ATLA ended so that more Firebenders could do it, I don't see it as the impossible outrage that others see it as, more a freak of nature like the proverbial mother lifting a car to rescue her child.
>> No. 111207
File 13610422973.jpg - (40.15KB , 327x750 , asamialone.jpg )
So regular /co/ brought up a good point today (shocker).

Why would Asami stick with Team Avatar?
>> No. 111208
>but given the technique for Lightning has no doubt been developed and simplified in the in-universe years since ATLA ended so that more Firebenders could do it

But see, this is exactly the kind of thing that the audience shouldn't have to speculate on. I'm not saying that everything little change needs to be spelled out for us. To sort of counter my own point in my last post, pro-bending already showed us that bending forms are malleable and adaptable. However, in ATLA, they spent some time going into very specific detail how lightning bending works. It was something we were given the specific mechanics of and as such, to then go against those rules without any explanation just feels off.

Granted, we still have three more seasons, so for all I know, they'll touch on this again. Plus, I know this is one of those things that's been brought up a thousand times before, and I don't want to sound like a broken record, so that's all I want to say about it.
>> No. 111209
Well, despite all Moka/Korra bullshit, it's possible that they're the only real friends she was. Which... just made me even more sad for her.

Ok, let me correct that. Maybe Bolin and Pabu are the only real friends she has.
>> No. 111210

I could see her sticking with the likes of Bolin and the Air Clan simply because she needs some comfort. We know Asami is going broke, and her father's a terrorist who's responsible for quite a lot of damage and death. It's possible she lost a lot of her former social circle with that one-two punch.

And, if you want to get cynical about things, staying friendly with the Avatar's social circle offers a lot of benefits to someone in a bad situation. We know Future Industries is going bust, but we don't know the specifics -- did the URN seize their factories and bust their patents? Are they being sued by Cabbage Corp for damages? Are there vigilantes who want to strike back at Hiroshi Sato without realizing that he really doesn't care for his daughter anymore? There's a whole mess of things that could be going wrong for Asami. Having well-connected friends in her corner might count for a lot.
>> No. 111211
probably because it's been six months and if asami felt like she needed some time away from mako (she doesn't dislike korra at all) she would have had plenty of time.

there's also the good possibility that asami isn't like most people her age and realizes she still has the rest of her life to find true love or whatever. in the long run, she's going to get over it -- how many people in their 30s and 40s can still say they're heartbroken over their first boyfriend/girlfriend breaking up with them?
>> No. 111212
I can understand not getting hung up about a bad relationship, but nobody stays friends with the ex who cheated on them. That just doesn't happen.
>> No. 111214
...or the girl he left you for.

Seriously though. Asami has a perfectly valid reason to be upset with these two and I just hope that they don't skim over that and pretend everything's peaches and cream. Worse, if Asami does have a chip on her shoulder, I really really hope they try to play it off as Asami's issue. Like she's being unfair to them for holding a grudge or something like that.

Besides, Mako and Korra have to break up at some point so that Mako can destroy Bolin's new relationship. Silly Bolin, girls are for Mako (I really want to make a Trix commercial photshop out of this now).
>> No. 111215
but it CAN happen, albeit very rarely, and in terms of the worst thing that happened to her i think asami would find her father working with a terrorist organization and then trying to kill her to be much worse than her boyfriend of maybe two months breaking up with her.

i would have liked if mako gave a more heartfelt apology. i do believe he was sincere about not wanting to hurt asami, because that's the kind of guy he is, just for some reason bryke didn't write a very good conclusion. as frustrating as it was, i want to leave it at that. i don't want asami to have spent six months being bitter over mako leaving her for korra, that would be a total insult to what little character she has.

most people i've seen who have said "i want mako to be punished for breaking poor asami's heart" rarely come off as people who are concerned for asami, and more like are just majorly projecting. even if the narrative didn't go a good job concluding the love triangle, it made it pretty obvious mako was an asshole and in the wrong for what he did. the show doesn't glorify "cheating" (it's debatable if one kiss in the heat of the moment counts as cheating) or throwing yourself at someone who is already in a relationship.
>> No. 111216
We KNOW Asami doesn't really have an issue with Korra in that messed up triangle, and is in good terms with Tenzin's family and Bolin, so she'll stick around.


She SHOULDN'T be on very good terms with Mako, though. He hurt her quite bad. And I hope she's harder on him post the break-up, at least for a while.
>> No. 111217
File 136106794640.jpg - (30.66KB , 203x299 , Copoutposter.jpg )
>but it CAN happen

Yes, but it takes time to settle into that situation. There's a healing period that needs to be addressed, and skipping over that feels like a bit of a cop-out. Mako's six and a half second "break-up" scene didn't really give us the kind of closure we need as an audience to feel comfortable with team Makorra (and I apologize for in any way making a Twilight reference and may have to go punch myself in the balls repeatedly for doing so).

The point of this post being, is that regardless of anything else, the Mako/Korra was not satisfying to the audience because of the way it happened. Granted, that's my personal experience speaking as though it were the entire fandom, but given what I've read, it's not an uncommon sentiment. As such, it would be adverse to the overall story to not address it as a concern.
>> No. 111218
Because Asami Sato is a 1-dimensional character who exists to be Appa for this universe.
>> No. 111219
So... someone for everyone to ride on?
>> No. 111220
>There's a healing period that needs to be addressed

i have to disagree, i feel like it would just drag asami's character down.
>> No. 111221
I feel as though I'm no longer capable of holding an intelligent discussion on this subject as I am fairly drunk right now.

(Seriously, thank whatever deity you believe in for the red squiggly lines spellcheck gives me that this is even legible, --- (this took 5 minutes to post)).
>> No. 111222
I do hope that the fallout of their breakup is addressed too, but don't expect too much. Most of Asami's subplot is going to be taken up by her taking over Future Industries and managing the declining fortunes of the company now that everyone associates them with the Equalists, I wouldn't expect that they would be able to devote much screen-time to her emotional state vis-a-vis Mako.
>> No. 116853
That might be some of the back and forth Korra and Asami have while they are sparring.
>> No. 116854
The post to which you are responding is over a year old.
>> No. 116855
Funny how its still relevant
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